Discovering the Benefits of Self-Storage for Small Business Owners

Discovering the Benefits of Self-Storage for Small Business Owners

Whether you’re a growing business needing extra storage space or an established company preparing for a move, self-storage provides flexibility and a budget-friendly alternative to renting warehouse space. Avoid places that require long-term leases and other commitments that can limit your business’s potential growth.

Cluttered workspaces can be distracting and lead to decreased productivity. Store unnecessary items in storage to free up your workspace.
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Space: Many small business owners operate out of limited space due to a crowded home office or the need for more commercial property. In these situations, storage units are a great way to provide extra room and help reduce clutter in the workplace. This, in turn, makes it easier for employees to focus on work and can improve overall productivity.

Another benefit of using self-storage for small businesses is the flexibility offered. Typically, these spaces are available to rent month-by-month, making them less of an investment than purchasing or leasing commercial real estate. Additionally, if a company needs more freedom later on, it can upgrade to a larger unit.

Many storage facilities now offer specialized units designed specifically for business use. These units are an excellent option for artisan companies that require a personal touch or new startups that must avoid high-cost commercial leases until they have established themselves. In these situations, these storage units can serve as a virtual storefront and provide the much-needed space to grow a successful small business.

Security: While we typically associate self-storage with personal use, the service is helpful for many businesses. For small business owners, it can create more workspace and simplify inventory management.

Keeping inventory in storage frees up space in a business office, warehouse or retail store. It also makes it easier for employees to access supplies and merchandise, and it can be a safe and secure option if a business is looking to relocate or renovate its location.

Many storage facilities have round-the-clock surveillance, coded gates and fireproofing features, which adds another layer of security to the items stored there. The peace of mind this provides is essential to business owners who may be worried about their equipment or inventory safety when it’s in someone else’s hands.

Additionally, storage units can be accessed on the customer’s schedule. That convenience can be valuable to a busy business owner who wants to avoid losing time and money by being tied to a pricey commercial property contract. Many locations even offer delivery acceptance, which helps business owners stay nimble and agile when receiving products and orders from vendors.

Access: Many business owners are turning to self-storage for a variety of reasons. Some need additional space for inventory, supplies or equipment that they can’t fit into their offices. Others need a temporary warehouse while they renovate their commercial room. Using storage is an affordable option that offers businesses flexibility and convenience.

A self-storage unit is also easy to access, as most are open 24 hours daily. They’re often staffed by friendly and helpful employees who can help you find what you need and offer assistance. Pallet jacks and trolleys are typically available to make your items more accessible, and some storage facilities offer packaging and transport services.

Many small businesses or freelancers like plumbers, painters and carpenters use their self-storage units to store trade tools and heavy machinery. This frees up space in their homes and gives them a place to keep these items safe and secure during off hours. These units are also suitable for local contractors to store materials and inventory when not working on a job site.

ConvenienceWhile people typically think of self-storage as a personal solution to overcrowded homes and collections, small businesses can also profit from the convenience of storage units. Many small businesses operate out of home offices or even a garage, and they may be dealing with the overflow of inventory that begins to take over living spaces and workspaces. This overflow makes it challenging to stay organized and efficient.

Storage units can keep inventory organized and accessible, making it easier to find what you need. This is especially important for artisan companies like woodworking shops or craft studios. The convenience of accessing and retrieving materials when needed can show the difference between success and failure for these types of businesses.

Many small business owners rely on their local self-storage facility to provide a space to store equipment and supplies. This can be especially helpful for landscaping or construction businesses that need to keep their extensive tools and equipment and restaurants that need a place to store their extra food supplies or furniture between shifts.

CostThere are many things to consider when considering starting a storage business. Purchasing an existing facility can help you create much faster than building a new one from scratch. It can take up to 4 years for a new storage facility to reach positive cash flow, so by buying a property that is already fully operational, you can save time and money in the long run.

A storage unit is also a more cost-effective way to store items for your small business than renting or leasing a larger space. In addition, it can be a great way to keep office supplies, equipment and merchandise.

Aside from that, most self-storage facilities offer a range of security measures like around-the-clock video surveillance and gated access. So, your stored materials are far more likely to be safe in a storage unit than in your own home or office, especially when compared with a warehouse. This added safety is a crucial benefit for many small businesses.


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